Choose An Eye And See What Your Subconscious Mind Reveals About You

Choose An Eye And See What Your Subconscious Mind Reveals About You

The saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. Some phrase it as “the eyes are the mirror to the soul.”

The eyes are perhaps our most important sense of all, our connection to the visual reality we live in. But different people see things even visually completely differently: we create our own reality.

The Sight – Choose an Eye in This Photo and Read your Description Below

In the field of psychology, they say the subconscious is a hidden part of the consciousness, never in the focus point of awareness.

The actual word “subconscious” is said to represent an anglicized version of the French subconscient, which psychologist Pierre Janet coined to argue that beneath the many layers of“critical thought functions of the conscious mind lay a powerful awareness.” He was referring to the subconscious mind.

The purpose the subconscious mind serves to fulfill is the storage and retrieval of data. It’s task is to ensure that a person responds precisely the way they are programmed. They say the subconscious mind makes everything a person says and does fit into a pattern, consistent with the self-concept. It’s like a master program.

The human subconscious mind is like a memory bank with a data trove that is inconceivable: it’s depth is basically unlimited. Permanently, it stores everything that you ever experience.

By the time a person hits the age of 22, they’ve already irreversibly stored over 100 times the content of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Now are you ready to take a subconscious test?

What you have to do, is choose one of the eyes in the photo below. Then read the corresponding description below the image. Internalize that description and figure out which eye connects to you!

1. The Flame of Passion

You might feel hungry, but you don’t need food. You need to understand why nothing in life is the way it seems and everything seems to be a lie.

You might feel deprived of experience, perhaps confined to a discipline that does not suit you for a long period of your life. The solution might be to start an adventure.

Your past might eat at you and you might not be willing to let go of the imprint it left on you very easily, but listen: people don’t give up. If you look at the most horrible conditions for people on Earth and see how the people’s attitudes are, you’ll notice all human beings adapt and survive. They don’t let their spirits go down: call it the Euphoria Shelf.

2. The Secret Soul

You are probably like a human library, an archive of info that even the most “educated” person cannot understand: maybe that’s because you actually question things and don’t simply memorize pre-explained but never evidence backed conclusions.

You may spill your knowledge wherever you go. So let your info out: if you’re an introvert, don’t be afraid to try and practice articulating the knowledge you’ve accumulated.

3. You are the Shining Aura.

You may fear having what you need to survive and shine, but you’re actually a bright, strong light with greater resilience than you may ever allow yourself to believe.

People actually need you to have the courage to be as resilient themselves: so don’t be too hard on yourself.

4. The Eternal Soul.

You probably drill deep into things uncontrollably, possibly to the point of over-analyzing and missing the true, simple meaning of it. From one spot to another your mind might jump, and then fixate upon what you jumped to drilling and pondering.

This might lead you to feel lost, but how else are people supposed to learn? You have a million other possibilities to offer the world.

5. You are the Puzzle to Solve

Do you feel like an introvert? Maybe that’s not because of you, but because we live in a world some people refer to as a “hell.” We live in a world where the norm is to NOT understand what really controls the world and why we constantly try to derive satisfaction from things that ultimately enslave us.

If you feel unwilling to open up to most people and wonder why you have to be like that, maybe you shouldn’t doubt yourself so much. You know what is right: don’t compromise.

6. You are absolutely an Old Soul

Do you ever feel like you’ve actually been here on Earth before in another body?

Some people believe we actually live in some kind of computer simulation type thing now, and that we might wake up when we die to find some Wizard of Oz type scenario where every individual we knew in this life actually exists in a much more real and permanent reality with us elsewhere where we never really die.

If you ever feel like you’ve met a person before, maybe they actually are special in your life. Maybe you’ve known them before: but maybe you meet them in lives all the time and you have to get away from them still: who knows.

7. You are a Night Owl

Do you ever stay awake til 5 am, and then only go to sleep when the other people in the house wake up? In this age, silence and quiet is a treasurable thing.

When you stay awake all night, one can think much clearer. Without all the background noise, one can focus on reading, watching things they lack the patience to watch in the day time, and much more.

So don’t ever let people hate on you for being nocturnal: it’s probably good for your health, if you spend your time wisely.

(Image credit: Simple Capacity)

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