How To Get Your Music Into Video Games


Start Small

Former Director of Music Relations for Electronic Arts/EA Sports, and current CEO of Eckhardt Consulting Randy Eckhardt:

“Don’t bother trying to meet with top-level people right away,” he suggests. “Seek out smaller developers first, as it certainly helps to show that you’ve had placement before. The current expansion into online social games that are using not as rich and deep content has expanded opportunities to score smaller games.”


Make Their Job Easier

Music supervisors and licensors are flooded with hundreds of submissions on a daily basis, and there are only so many hours in a day. To increase your chances of being heard, make it easy for them to access and listen to your music.

“I’d much rather stream tracks,” said Matt Levine. “I’d rather not download anything. I’m also more likely to listen to your music if your website is clean and very clear.”

“Don’t be sending out demos,” Chuck Doud suggests. “Send us your highest quality work that’s ready to be licensed. Also, make sure you distinguish who owns what before submitting a track. All paperwork should be in place and your tracks should be ready to be licensed tomorrow if they had to be.”



DK: What’s the best way for new artists & bands to approach EA, to try to place their songs in your games?

Schnur: For legal reasons, we cannot accept unsolicited demos. But know that if the music is out there, we will find it. EA has a long history of placing independent – and sometimes unsigned – new artists in games, and we absolutely believe that our commitment to them has had a significant impact on their global careers. I’m always looking for artists who are original, unafraid to take risks and understand the unique relationship between music, gaming and the international gaming community. We love the passion and energy of new artists, and we’ll continue to work with them every chance we get. Most of all, we love being far ahead of the curve: Our goal – with every soundtrack we create – is to introduce gamers to their favorite new band through the experience of an EA game.


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