5 online review sites that pay money for your opinion


  1. SliceThePie.com. [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] If you’re a music lover, turn your passion into money! Slice the Pie is a website that pays you to provide feedback about new music. According to their site, they’ve paid more than $2 million for almost 18 million reviews. Record labels and recording artists use your opinions to evaluate their songs. Slice the Pie is venturing into fashion reviews in the near future, so watch for those opportunities as well.
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  2. Usertesting.comYou’re reading this. Which means? You have everything you need to test websites. When companies and individuals launch and update websites and apps, they want to make sure everything is working properly. That’s where you come in: As a website tester, you’ll be asked to interact with websites and then share your thoughts. Your insights help web designers, developers, user experience specialists and copywriters improve real websites and apps. UserTesting.com pays you $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute session you are able to finish. Not bad! According to UserTesting.com, they’ve paid testers for taking more than 700,000 sessions evaluating brands like Apple, Facebook and Google.
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  3. Chron.comTurn your restaurant habit into a money-making side venture! This article from Chron.com outlines the steps you can take to become a freelance restaurant reviewer. Evaluate new restaurants based on food quality, service and atmosphere, then get paid by magazines and websites who want to share your feedback with their audiences. This is a competitive space, but if you have the skills and determination, you can earn good money.
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  4. Hostelz.comAre you a budget traveler? Do you enjoy taking trips in far-off places? Or do you live in a large city? Review hostels! Your first-hand observations and experiences will help your fellow travelers choose clean, safe, comfortable accommodations. It’s a great way to make a little extra spending money while traveling. Participating cities are currently Barcelona, London, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Sydney, New York City, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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  5. Vindale.com. Of course we’re rounding out our list of 5 online review sites that pay money for your opinion with Vindale Research. At Vindale, we pay you real money for taking paid market research surveys. Available to members in the US, UK, AU, and CA, our program has paid out more than $5.5 million to our members. Voice your opinion about current events, products, companies and more. If you’re already a Vindale member, post your referral link on social media and earn $5 for every friend you refer!
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