Jazz Build Kodi – How to Install Jazz Kodi on Krypton 17.6

If you’d like a small Kodi Build that has a size of under 100 MB, but streams just about everything from Movies, TV Shows to Live TV and Live Sport, then you got to have Jazz Build Kodi. It is a perfect option if you have limited space on your system or your FireStick, because in the end you only need to watch free latest media content.

This guide provides a detailed guide on the new Jazz Kodi Build on Krypton and as well as Jarvis. For more Builds, do check out our Best Kodi Builds list suitable for various devices. Before you install this Build, it is important that you secure your online privacy via Kodi VPN. You will need it if you’re streaming Free Movies and TV Shows.

How to Install the Jazz Build for Kodi Krypton 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Select Settings icon (gear-shaped)

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Step 2: Tap on File Manager

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Step 3: Now scroll down to double click Add Source

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Step 4: Tap ‘None’ option

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Step 5: Paste the URLhttp://jazzwiz.co.uk/repo/ > Press OK

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Step 6: Type the name of media source as Jazz Build > Press OK > Now return to Kodi Main Menu

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Step 7: Go to Add-ons menu on your left > Then at the top, select Box icon

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Step 8: Now choose Install from Zip File

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Step 9: When the box appears, click on Jazz Build > Now tap on repository.pulse.zip > Wait for the repository to install

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Step 10: Go to Install from Repository > Then find and click on Pulse Repo

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Step 11: Go to Program Add-ons > Then select Jazz Build Wizard

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Step 12: Press Install

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Step 13: As soon as the Jazz Wizard is installed, a pop-up will appear, click on Continue

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Step 14: Now a Jazz Build Wizard box will appear, so select Build Menu

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Step 15: Here you will see Builds Menu appear, Select Jazz Server 1 New Look (v1.0.4)

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Step 16: Select (Jazz) Fresh Install

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Step 17: A message will pop-up asking if you want to restore Kodi to default settings, clickContinue

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Step 18: The download will now start approximately 79 MB

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How to Install the Jazz Build on FireStick

Step 1: First, you are required to install Kodi on FireStick

Step 2: Now open FireStick Home > Click on Settings

Step 3: Then on Applications > Tao on Manage Installed Applications

Step 4: Select Kodi

Step 5: Once Kodi is opened, follow the same instructions as highlighted under Krypton and Jarvis section mentioned at the top.

Jazz Build Kodi Not Working

Problem 1: Installation Never Completes

Once you start installing Jazz Build Kodi, the installation ends half way and nothing is changed. This may happen a few times and it may lead to frustration.


To fix this problem, before you start installing Jazz Kodi Build, it is important that you get Fresh Start Kodi add-on. This add-on helps you restore Kodi to default settings. Now repeat the entire installation step for Jazz Build Kodi.

Problem 2: Could Not Connect to Repository

This problem may arise when you have inserted a wrong URL of the repository. You may also face this problem if you have a weak internet connection.


You are required to check on your internet connection and also check whether you have inserted a correct repository URL. You can also check whether the repository you are trying to connect is correct by inserting the URL on a web browser. If it opens then it means the link is perfectly working.

The Wrap Up

From all the Kodi Builds out there, Jazz Build Kodi is the lightest of them all with only 79MB. It has an attractive interface with brightest colors, but never fails to entertain users with its new Kodi add-ons that are updated on regular intervals. This guide explains how to install Jazz Kodi Build on Krypton and Jarvis.

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