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Top Trending Business ideas in 2018

We are living in a time where emerging technology; Internet and Social Networking have created a land of abundant opportunities. Starting a new business today is lot more flexible and does not require enormous capital or high valued investment as it used to a few decades ago.

Thanks to the power of technology and internet combined that has not only contributed significantly in changing the business landscape but has also created a scope for aspiring entrepreneurs to identify their “calling” and turn it into a business venture. While many people may possess the right business insight, they may lack the idea or vision to get started. Ideally, any lucrative business idea is based on three important principles:

  • Identifying what one is good at and wants to take forward
  • Believing in that what they do would make a difference to lives of individual, community or economy as a whole
  • Something that is in demand or is a present market need ( So that people would need it and would be ready to pay for it)

Working diligently on this idea is important as it would eventually form the very foundation of your company, which would then connect you to people, who in turn will bring in the market to your business. World’s most successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg were no different but individuals who had committed to their idea and did not let investment or monetary issues come in the way of realizing their dreams. It would be interesting to know that idea of Facebook came up while Mark Zuckerberg was busy penning down notes in a Harvard University dorm room with his college mates while Microsoft came into existence just 2 years after its creator Bill Gates had already left college.


The reason behind tracing such inspiring past stories is simple that these provide a valuable lesson to anyone who wants to embark on a similar passionate journey-that one dynamic business idea that promises to be bursting with potential can act as a game changer in taking your business to the skyrocketing heights. With an intention to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started, we have come up with some futuristic, uber-cool and trendy business ideas that seem much in demand in the current business market:

Web Rentals

We are living in 2018, where almost everyone calls themselves a blogger, coder or a web developer. But, how many have you heard saying they rent websites?

While people think website flipping is the only way out there to earn through websites, they don’t know that website renting business is one stable means of income generation while continuing with web development business. Developers today create websites based on a niche and then rent their customizable versions in addition to charging fees for routine maintenance and development. This is one good option that does away with extra time, effort and resources required in building a website from scratch, working on it and then finding a potential buyer who would pay them up adequately.


Healthy Food Truck/ Joint Business

Fast food is something which is quick to make, easy to grab and absolutely tempting to eat. But what if one could associate a healthy dimension to fast food? Yes, it is possible!

With growing health consciousness, people now days not only look for high food quality but also want to go for healthier options without compromising much on taste. In such a scenario, starting a healthy fast food van or a truck or a food joint could be a promising business option. Right from healthy juices, smoothies to creative salads and bowls the options are enormous and it all depends on how far one can extend their creative spins when even sky is not the limit.


Activity Centers

While the weekend booze culture is so predominant in metropolitans, it is slowly making its way to tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. After slogging in a 9-hour job from Monday to Friday, working youth today wants to chill out and make the most enjoying with friends and colleagues during weekends. This is perhaps a reason why gaming arcades, activity centers, and bowling alleys are so much in demand and extremely remunerative from the business point of view.


HR Management Consulting

Many startups and business companies struggle to set up HR department while they are still in the initial phase of business. This can directly translate to the need of firms that can deliver HR services to such companies. This seems a promising business idea especially in a country like India where there is a constant increase in population and a relentless competition for individuals to make money and earn employment.


Online Educational/Vocational/Hobby Courses

No doubt our standards for a living have improved but where do we have the time or to learn baking or practice playing the guitar or go back to our favorite childhood hobby? Thanks to the power of the Internet, where one can acquire a skill at the comfort of sitting in their homes and that too with little investment. Online Academies right from cooking, photography, digital marketing etc. are becoming increasingly popular and one can start it without heavy investment.  If done properly, it can bring in a lot of business and reputation and monetary profit.

While each of these business ideas is associated with their own risks and barriers, they do have a potential to create a company of your dreams that you have always been longing for. Concluding on a positive quote, from Mary Kay Ash, founder Mary Kay cosmetics “Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember you can always achieve.”

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