5 Advanced Business Trends that You Must Consider in 2018-2019

Business is all about planning and coming up with new strategies every year. Now as the technology is evolving and the future is looking more advanced, every business person needs to adopt the growing technological schemes to expand their boundaries. However, the future is unpredictable, but if we analyze the developments that are occurring, we can expect a more streamlined human and machine interface in the upcoming years.

As one of the leading business process outsourcing companies, we suggest you change your present to adopt the future. Here are some of the advanced technological breaches or trends that will transform the world in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

Most major organizations are now adopting Artificial intelligence (AI) to provide their customers with more interactive features. It will deliver better interactivity and customer experience. Some of the best examples of AI are Google Maps and GPS Insight which have remarkably changed the system of operations of several companies. Businesses are also trying to experiment with the automation process to meet the users’ expectations.

Live Interactions over Social Media

Tweeting and blogging are no longer enough. Live interactions are something that can actually bring the communities together. Several pieces of evidence advocate that live videos engage more than recorded videos. Community events such as B2B forum also interact with the users while offering social learning which goes beyond what social platforms are providing. In order to build the brand loyalty, you must adopt live interactions which can make it easy for your customers to communicate with you directly.

Live Streaming Videos

Modern customers don’t prefer seeing generic marketing content as they want to get more engaged and connected. You can consider coming up with live streaming videos to hook your potential clients in 2019. Live streaming provides your business with a powerful channel to engage the target audience. Recent research held by Livestream also reveals that 80% of people would like to watch live videos rather than reading a 1000 words blog which has already been written by many writers. Companies who introduce their products through live videos will dominate their industries in 2019.


You must have heard about Blockchain which is known as the growing technology, upholding fewer adoption which is rooted in its techno-babble jargon. IBM has already created an alliance with Costco, Nestle, and Walmart to boost the efficiency of global food supply chain safety. The Blockchain technologies will introduce more development in the digital transactions which will definitely interrupt conventional business schemes for more streamlined processes. Growing businesses need to improve their skills around this technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Serving Community Not Only Buyers

Today, the initial idea of selling to only buyers has completely changed. Instead of just selling, every seller needs to serve new models of consumers. You need to gear yourself for more socially oriented approach and establish trust networks. As an aspiring business owner, you must attain social and environmental responsibility while developing responsive culture. Build yourself as an influencer and make your brand a life-changing product.

Whether you are involved in e-commerce or digital marketing, you must consider all these business trends in 2018-2019. Customers are becoming smarter every day and you must fulfill their advanced expectations. You need to make the smart choices with the latest industry trends and reach the audience with more innovative endowments.


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