Building the Perfect CBD Hemp Oil Routine

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Building the Perfect CBD Hemp Oil Routine

Often we discuss the importance of finding the right CBD hemp oil product for you on our blog, carefully explaining the differences between each product in our store.

But what if there isn’t one perfect product for your needs? What if your ideal hemp oil routine pulls from several of Kannaway’s CBD products? We can help you build a custom CBD hemp oil regimen from our diverse line of products that best fits your lifestyle.

Before recommending products to our Brand Ambassadors and their customers, we ask them how many milligrams of CBD they want to take each day. This number will give you an ideal CBD level to shoot for as you choose your products. However, we always suggest you start out with a lower number and work your way up to the daily CBD intake you desire. This will help you dial in the routine that will work best for your individual needs.

While some of our customers prefer to take a single serving from our hemp oil products each day, either in the morning or in the evening before bed, many others prefer to use our CBD hemp oil products all through the day. The main advantage of an all day CBD hemp oil routine is the ability to keep a level of CBD in your system through the day, rather than having a peak and valley approach to your CBD regimen.

Regardless of how you choose to achieve your daily CBD number, Kannaway provides only safe and reliable, Triple Lab Tested™ products to you and your family.

Ways to Mix Kannaway Hemp Oil Products

A popular mix n’ match routine for customers is the large and small option. These customers take one or two large servings of CBD from one of our Premium Hemp Oil products, like our oral applicators or MCT liquids. Customers will then use one of our lower potency products, like our Rev!ve AM spray-top tincture or our HempVAP® hemp oil vaporizers in between larger servings of CBD in order to augment their cannabinoid levels through the day.

Other customers prefer a frequency approach, using equal sized servings of CBD all day long. For this approach, you might choose a single product like our Premium Full-Spectrum or Pure CBDLiquid, to take several times a day, such as with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You could also select to use multiple products, like our Premium Full-Spectrum capsulesChocolate Energy Chews, and more at intervals through the day to maintain a constant level of CBD in your system.

By taking advantage of Kannaway’s complete line of CBD hemp oil products, you can discover a hemp oil routine that works with your needs and maximizes your daily CBD number. Learn more about Kannaway’s popular hemp oil products on our news feed, or shop our online store to find your favorite products.

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