The Hourly Wage Required To Afford A Two-Bedroom Rental In Each State

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If you live near a big city — particularly New York or San Francisco — you’ve likely heard a city-dweller moaning about the astronomically high price of an apartment rental. But while prices on the coasts are really, really bad, prices everywhere else in the US are also… bad.

This map, from the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s latest report, shows how much someone would have to earn per hour to afford (that is, not pay more than 30% of their income for) a two-bedroom rental in every state:

Considering that in most states, the minimum wage is less than $10/hour and in many, it’s less than $8, minimum and near-minimum wage workers earn well short of the required wage in every state.

Lest you think that these numbers are totally skewed by cities (ie. New York state’s $28.08 figure is as high as it is in part due to New York City’s absurd market), the county-by-county breakdown isn’t much prettier — in fact, there are only 12 counties in the entire US where a full-time, minimum wage job is enough to rent a one bedroom place:

Check out CityLab’s analysis for more.

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