Renee M. Grippon



Past Matron Renee M. Grippon

Past Matron Renee’ M. Grippon, hails from Charleston, SC born on May 08, 1979 to Ms. Janis Grippon and Mr. Henry “Dobbie” Wright(Deceased). She has 6 siblings: 4 brothers and 2 sisters who reside in Charleston SC.  Past Matron Grippon is currently serving in the United States Army with 17 years and currently holds the rank of Sergeant First Class.

Her military career began as a Truck Driver, 88 M series until she re-classed to Preventive Medicine Tech (Health Inspector) 68S in 2003. During her military career she traveled abroad to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Doha Qatar, and Germany.  Stateside assignments include Fort Benning Georgia, Fort Bragg North Carolina, Fort Polk Louisiana, and Bethesda Maryland in which she currently work at Walter Reed National Medical Center. Past Matron Grippon obtain her Associate’s Degree in Public Health with American Military “University and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Science with Excelsior College. She is also certified as Master Resilience Trainer, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SHARP), and Equal Opportunity Leader.

Past Matron Grippon is a loving and single parent of three children Liyah, LaDarian, and her dog Kappie.  “I really have one hobby with a lot of things that I like to do” as she states.  My hobby is dancing.  She praise dance from time to time at her local community church functions and or military observance. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, supporting the Order in Charity work and or fundraiser, Dresses as “Dimples the Clown” to support numerous of community service while representing the DOI (Daughters), riding her sport bike, traveling various country to meet new people from different cultures.

Past Matron Grippon began her Masonic travels in October of 2008, when she was initiated into Desert Star Chapter No.18, Order of the Eastern Star, Oklahoma Jurisdictions, PHA. Her love for the Order and strong desire to be further enlightened in her Masonic knowledge was the motivation, which inspired her to continue her Masonic travels. During her travels she was a member of Golden Sheaf Chapter No.55, Order of Eastern Star, Louisiana Jurisdiction, PHA; demitting into two Washington Chapters:  Elected Lady of the East Chapter No. 54, Order of the Eastern Star, Washington and its Jurisdiction, PHA and currently Source of Light Chapter No 37, Order of Eastern Star.

Past Matron Grippon served as current member and or past Officer in the following bodies:

Order of the Eastern Star:

Source of Light Chapter No. 37, Order of the Eastern Star, Washington and Jurisdiction, PHA (Current)

*Elected(Past) Matron

*Appointed Assistant District Deputy Grand Matron, District No. 9

Elect Lady of the East Chapter No. 54, Order of the Eastern Star, Washington and Jurisdiction, PHA

*Elected Secretary

*Elected Associate Matron

Heroines of Jericho:

Leola Green Court No.12, Heroines of Jericho, State of Washington and Jurisdiction, PHA (Current)

*Elected Senior Ancient Matron

Sojourner Truth Court No. 33, Heroines of Jericho, State of Washington and Jurisdiction, PHA

*Elected Junior Ancient Matron

Order of the Golden Circle

JC Logan Assembly No. 95, Order of the Golden Circle, Northern Jurisdiction, PHA (Current)

*Elected (Past) Loyal Lady Ruler


As Salam Court No. 214, DOI, Oasis of Seoul, Desert of Korea (Current)

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