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z7 Neck Brace The Solution

Kelly Davis, founder of z7 Neck Brace as a concerned parent of child athletes. Based on a lifetime of participating in high impact sports. During which time he suffered concussions and brain injuries. He has dedicated his education and career to injury and impact biomechanics.

The z7 Neck Brace connects to pads and back of the helmet so no new equipment is necessary. This is considered an ad on. Making its integration into the game easy and seamless.
The z7 Neck Brace:

Minimize spinal cord dislocation resulting from high impacts
Reduce the possibilities of concussions and neck/spinal injury as a result of the head snapping back at a high rate of speed.
Stabilize the head and neck while allowing full range of motion
Stabilizes shock of an impact and prevents whiplash
Lightweight apparatus that attaches to the top of the shoulder pads and locks into the base of the helmet
Adjustable according to the neck length and range of motion desirability
Easily releasable to allow the helmet to be removed without assistance
The z7 Neck Brace provides the needed support, strength, stabilization for your athletes. Any extra protection while participating in athletics is priceless.

The z7 Neck Brace has been demonstrated and tested.

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