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Out Your League ENT – Is an Indie Record Label, Artist Management and Entertainment company
all rolled into one and considered by many to be a future powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Behind
every empire is someone or people that’s willing to sacrifice everything to build it. OYL is no different, the
company is powered by the President Adrian “Alex” Alexander and Sary “Cammy” Bell. These two single
handedly planned, formed and is currently leading OYL on a journey to greatness. Follow Out Your League
ENT on all social media @OutYourLeague
In order for OYL to carry out its plan, the leaders decided to go with a simple strategy; wait for no
one, we will build and grow from within. With that plan Alex & Cammy setup on nationwide and worldwide
networking campaigns to spread the word about OYL ENT. Additionally they executed their plan of growing
from within. Since the start of the company in late 2012, they have formed five entities under the umbrella of
Out Your League ENT. OYL Studio, OYL Radio, OYL DJ’s, OYL Films and Save The Music Save a Life
OYL Studio is the home of all OYL Recording artists and is the main headquarters for the company.
This facility is also used by several other mainstream and independent artists that require quality audio
recording and production. This is a multiuse facility capable of handling all recording needs for any artist.
Follow OYL Studio on all social media @OYLStudio
OYL Radio is an internet based radio that currently has an estimated 110,000 listeners annually.
This is not an easy task to accomplish but the OYL Radio team has managed to grow this station by
themselves without any major endorsements. OYL Radio is capable of servicing our clients with all internet
radio needs from promo to interviews. Follow OYL Radio on all social media @OYLRadio
OYL DJ’s is a coalition with DJ’s operating in ten countries (US, Canada, South Korea, Germany,
United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, Brazil and Japan) and still looking to expand
to more countries. The main purpose of this coalition of DJ’s is to really break records on a global level.
Follow OYL DJ’s on all social media @OYLDJs
OYL Films specializes in media production ranging from video shoots, photo shoots, event coverage,
electronic press kits, documentaries and short films. Follow OYL Films on all social media @OYLFilms
Save The Music Save A Life Foundation was formed to provide school age children with a passion
for music a chance to learn the industry at a young age. It’s also a program designed to keep young teens off
the streets and out of trouble.
Every aspect of this blooming empire is overseen by Alex and Cammy; they’re the driving force
behind everything associated with the growth of OYL. Adrian is an active duty Warrant Officer in the U.S.
Army who uses his military experience to keep his staff organized and constantly striving for perfection.
Sary expertise with being a previous artist, her knowledge of the industry is paramount in the success, day to
day operations and avoidance of pitfalls pitfall that plague the entertainment business. This company is still
in its beginning stages but has managed to accomplish so much. For more information on Out Your League
ENT, its artists and entities, please visit www.outyourleagueent.com
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