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How to Use Process-Level Value Proposition (and Why It’s Essential to Customer Lifetime Value)

There are many “asks” we make of customers in addition to the “ultimate ask” of a purchase. Often, companies need their customers to do varying amounts of work.

Informed Sales and Marketing Strategy Using the 5 Cs

So your topline sales aren’t what you expected to see. It could be a slump (yikes) or maybe even an unexplained uptick — a great problem to have, but you’d still like your analytics team to find exact...

ABM Is Just Good Marketing

...where knowledge and insight about an account are used to create targeted, personalized outreach.

New York Music Festivals & Conferences

Below you will find the compiled listing of annual music festivals and conferences in the state of New York, helping bands and musicians increase their industry knowledge, broaden their networking rea...

Fall In Love

Many of us have fell in love, with someone or something. That being said. We can relate to this song. By Mahadhi Walker. Mahadhi Walker is one of the industry fastest rising Artist.

Saratoga National Museum of Dance Gala

National Museum of Dance Gala

The 28 Best Songs of 2019 (So Far)

Here are the best songs 2019 has to offer so far, from pop comebacks to gorgeous ballads and irresistible dancefloor bait. GETTY IMAGES 1 “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes Shawn ...