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Good Food

The Best Burger recipe

THE BEST BURGER RECIPE This is the best burger I’ve ever come across. It’s a homemade burger patty with meat and seasonings, no fillers. It really lets the meat flavor shine! I make a lot of burgers in the summer. They’re so quick to put together and everybody loves them. Sometimes I get fancy with my burgers and add things to the meat. Like in this recipe where I mix chorizo sausage in with the ground beef. Save   Most of the time, I keep things simple though. I start with ground meat and add seasoning. That’s it. No egg. No breadcrumbs. Just meat and seasoning. I want to really taste the meat. That’s the best burger recipe to me. Seasoning Usually, for seasonings, I go with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. There’s just a bit of extra flavor in there. Regular salt works well, too. I always add...