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Combat Readiness Q&A

Below you’ll find the explained answers to the “Combat Readiness” Quiz You can also get access to your FREE gift by clicking Here. Question 1: Who is best equipped to handle a streetfight? a. A man who has earned his black belt. b. An “Average Joe” off the street. c. Both A and B are about the same. d. Women and children. Answer: “C”, the “Average Joe” has about the same chance of winning a street fight as a black belt. It’s true! I’m not trying to “knock” the martial arts. They all have something valuable to offer. We owe them a debt of gratitude for getting us where we are today, and they’re better than nothing. BUT…unfortunately, many of the arts being widely taught today are ancient arts, develope...

The NFL & MMJ: Meet the Doctors Who Want to Bring Medical Cannabis to Pro Football

Before this Sunday’s Super Bowl, we caught up with the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association to talk how the plant could help pro football players surmount their gravest challenges.   by Zach Harris Photo via Serega This Sunday, hundreds of millions of people around the world will watch the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots square off in the NFL’s 52nd Super Bowl. But as millions of Philadelphians prepare to finish the NFL season by climbing street lights and sparking bonfires downtown, thousands of active and retired professional football players and the doctors that treat them are only beginning to uncover the long-term realities of the hyperviolent sport. Subjected to repeated head trauma from Pop Warner youth football until the day they retire, and steered t...

LeBron James on Kyrie Irving exit, Dwyane Wade reunion and ‘that guy’ Donald Trump

LeBron James was open to talk about anything and everything during the Cavaliers’ media day. LeBron James discussed a variety of topics on Monday as he took part in the Cavs’ media day. He was candid about Kyrie Irving demanding a trade, a possible reunion with Dwyane Wade and his recent tweet where he called Donald Trump a “bum.” He continued to be vocal against Trump, and brought up the comments he made recently about NFL players. James also discussed Colin Kaepernick and the hundreds of players who took a knee, or took part in a protest, during the anthem on Sunday. LeBron James on Kyrie Irving trade request “I was ready to give him the keys. I tried to help him be as good as he could be. I don’t have any advice for him now, you’re either with u...

Sloane Stephens was chill about winning the U.S. Open, until she got her $3.7 million check

    Sloane Stephens was chill about winning the U.S. Open, until she got her $3.7 million check After an all-American women’s U.S. Open semifinal, Sloane Stephens became the champion on Saturday in a match that even Serena Williams said she was excited to watch. The 24-year-old beat Madison Keys in two sets to win her first major final. However, Stephens’ immediate reaction to winning was very mild considering everything she went through to get here. There was no screaming and no fist pumping. She simply covered her mouth as if at a loss for words before flashing a huge smile. Although, she did dominate the match, so it wasn’t too shocking of a victory. Then, Stephens went to go give her friend and opponent a hug. It was in the stands where Stephens showed the m...

The next Deflategate? With Ezekiel Elliott, NFL stands to lose more than it wins

The NFL lost another battle in a war that, in the long run, it always wins. But oh, those losses. Over and over and over again. And bigger chunks of its credibility knocked away each time. A federal judge Friday mercilessly trashed the NFL’s investigative process in granting Ezekiel Elliott a preliminary injunction in his fight to overturn his suspension. Terms like “unique and egregious” and “breach of the CBA” are signals that the NFL overstepped its bounds and abused its power in the eyes of the court. Elliott, it was ruled, did not get a “fundamentally fair hearing.’’ Again, punches were not pulled. U.S. District Court Judge Amos Mazzant came down on Roger Goodell the way Richard Berman lit him up when Tom Brady appealed his Deflategate suspension two years ago. MORE: Ezekiel Elliott s...

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