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LeBron James on Kyrie Irving exit, Dwyane Wade reunion and ‘that guy’ Donald Trump

LeBron James was open to talk about anything and everything during the Cavaliers’ media day. LeBron James discussed a variety of topics on Monday as he took part in the Cavs’ media day. He was candid about Kyrie Irving demanding a trade, a possible reunion with Dwyane Wade and his recent tweet where he called Donald Trump a “bum.” He continued to be vocal against Trump, and brought up the comments he made recently about NFL players. James also discussed Colin Kaepernick and the hundreds of players who took a knee, or took part in a protest, during the anthem on Sunday. LeBron James on Kyrie Irving trade request “I was ready to give him the keys. I tried to help him be as good as he could be. I don’t have any advice for him now, you’re either with u...