Christine Washington


I am a native of Charleston, SC where I still reside today. I was educated in the public school system of Charleston County. I have an associates degree in Medical Assisting and I’ve worked in the medical field for over 15 years. I am also a mother to a beautiful and intelligent 17 year old daughter. I love caring for people; but writing is my true love. I am proud to say that I am a writer, poet and a Spoken Word Artist…based here in Charleston. My first published work, is a book of Poetry entitled “Brainstorming” along with my newly released book of short poetic stories, entitled “Unfairly Tales.” I’m currently working on my third book, soon to be released entitled “Chains” as well as a host of other projects…like a spoken word album and stage play production. I also customize poetic pictures, t-shirts, greeting etc… For customers.  I am a community activist! I work with groups like “Black Life Matters Charleston” “Q.E.P Quality Education Projects and all others that aim to enrich and/or improve the lives of African Americans. I’m a member of a newly formed organization called “W.I.S.E. (Women Impacting Society Everyday). Where our goal is to “Assist” rather than “Insist” the youth in whatever they feel might help them become successful in life. I’ve worked as poetry slam coach with the “Speak Freely” foundation. I am a member and one of the co-founders of the spoken word group called “Something 2 Say Poetry Family! I’ve been writing all of my life. It’s my first love! But, I’ve only been performing for the past four years. And in that time I’ve featured on a number of projects with other artist. Be featured in both “So Exquisite Charleston”, along with “Syllabus Magazine!” And was name the 2014 Geechee One Poet of The Year! I’ve just started a creative writing program called “Dream Ink”, so children can express themselves. A program where they can learn, grow and develop their reading and writing skills. There are many more things I hope to accomplish in the years to come… like writing more books, poetry and plays and have my words heard throughout the world. Ultimately, I just  really want to inspire…in the same way others who dared to care, inspired me. If I can do that, them I’ve achieved what I set out to do!

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