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Plano Ranks Second With Renters

Plano Ranks Second With Renters

Plano Ranks Second With Renters

Plano Ranks Second With Renters


A RentCafe survey recently proclaimed that Plano ranked second in the nation when it came to qualities renters are looking for. The town received high scores when it comes to local economy, where it ranks second, as well as quality of life, for which it ranks sixth.

The survey reported that Plano’s reputation for producing academic achievers makes it an ideal spot for families looking for a city with excellent public schools, in addition to its great air quality and significant share of high-end apartments (78.2%). It also has one of the highest job growth rates nationwide.

Consequently, most of the renters have a college degree, one of the reasons why they enjoy greater income than in other cities. 

The number of jobs in Plano rose by 6 % year-over-year – one of the highest job growth rates nationwide. And that’s because businessesare hunting Plano’s  highly-educated people – 58% of the city’s population own a least one college degree.  

  • #6 for Quality of life 

Renters here have access to some of the best public schools in the country, as well as to many apartments placed in top locations, nearby jobs, shopping and entertainment  (69% of the total stock). The town finished in the middle of the pack for cost of living.


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