Update your Chrome Browser Immediately


Are you a Google Chrome browser user? Be alert!

Earlier today, a dangerous Zero-Day Vulnerability was found in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome’s Desktop Engineering and Security Lead, John Schuh tweeted :

“Also, seriously, update your Chrome installs… like right this minute.”

If you’re using Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux please update it immediately by following the steps listed below.

This is the only way to secure yourself from the massive potential threat.

For more details, read our blog now.

How to update your Chrome to the latest version:

Step1. In your Google Chrome browser type in :


Step2. You will see the following if your update was downloaded and is ready to install

Click “Relaunch” to apply the update

This is what you should see if it has successfully updated and you’d be safe from the vulnerability.

Make sure that the version reads 72.0.3626.121

Please share this email with your family, friends and colleagues immediately and ask them to update their chrome browser to the latest version. Make sure they are all safe and secure!

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